Job information

$ 1,050,000 - 2,000,000 TWD per annum

Job Summary

We are a passionate, efficient and technology-oriented team, looking for great engineers to join our exciting journey!

Job Description

We're looking for skilled or passionate full-stack engineers to take technical ownership on one of the following priorities for the company:

  • Create an enterprise-grade MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution that allows the server to control hundreds of thousands of devices remotely.

  • Help create a system that would allow 3rd party channels to integrate via webhooks and API calls for data collection, MDM controls, Single sign-on/authentication.

  • Launch a custom app store for proprietary hardware that allows 3rd party Android app support and firmware updates.

You are looking for:

  • A challenge. We're not looking for someone who wants to just develop APIs for clients to access information, but rather someone who wants to extend and improve how enterprise infrastructure is used.

  • To explore the limits of something deeply technical. Besides being technically skilled and able to lead major engineering efforts, we're looking for someone with an intense curiosity for deeply technical things most people shy away from.

  • A role with real impact and ownership. Soda Labs will enable people around the world to access quality hardware for products that small teams normally don’t have access to. You will get to make foundational decisions that will affect each product.


There are very few people that can build enterprise-grade servers in a startup - We're looking for the right fit.

  • Min 3-year experience working with a modern Full-Stack framework

  • Min 2+ years of experience developing mobile web pages or web applications

  • Strong foundation in Javascript/HTML/CSS

  • Experiences in Node.js or other languages for backend development, like Java, Go, etc

  • Great understanding of concurrency, microservice, functional programming, and oop programming

  • Strong base in computer science (algorithms, data structures, code architecture)

  • Developed with 3rd party tools such as, Elastic Beanstalk, Kubernetes, Docker containers, Nginx (or any other reverse proxy/load balancer), Elastic Search, Redis, Kafka, Mixpanel, Twilio

  • Good understanding of the internal workings of enterprise security and stability

  • Comfortable debugging and analyzing server-side metrics to improve optimization

  • Proficient English

  • Great communication skills through written (documentation) or spoken (meetings, presentations)


  • Ability to host all the server work on Microsoft Azure, AWS or any public cloud solution

  • Worked on deploying servers to private cloud/on-prem environments

  • Experience working in a corporate environment and startup

We offer:

  • Equity provided

  • Unlimited annual leaves

  • Reimbursement for learn and work related expense

  • Work from home once a week

  • Happy hour once a month

Or refer a friend and get 50% monthly salary reward.